Upgrade to Statseeker v5.5.5

Statseeker v5.5.5 is available from April 2022, delivering a range of exciting new features, including updates to dashboards, new ImageMap panel functionality, improved access to Statseeker server monitoring, and support for SNMPv3 traps.

Current Statseeker customers can upgrade to Statseeker v5.5.5 free of charge. Send your details using the form, and we'll send you the link to download the software today.


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What's new?

Ping RTT comparison dashboard

New default dashboard displaying Ping RTT (round-trip time) metrics for a single network device, or enables comparison of two network devices.

Improved location precision in Worldmap panels

Device location precision improved from 100m to 1m. Accurately locate failed devices within a building, quickly and easily.

Faster access to your favourite dashboards

Access your preferred dashboards in dropdown dashboard menu, whether that’s an overview of all network assets on a WorldMap, a schematic of key network infrastructure, or a single device dashboard.

ImageMap Panel Updates

New drawing tool for faster creation of network schematics or other diagrams, including ability to draw links and connections.

Improved access to Statseeker server monitoring

New embedded reports and admin-only dashboards allow users to ensure uninterrupted operation of your Statseeker server, including how much disk space and memory is available.

Support for SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 traps

A greater number of customers are switching to SNMPv3 throughout their network. Statseeker is now capable of reporting and alerting on SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 traps.


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