Upgrade to Statseeker v5.5.4

Statseeker v5.5.4 is now available and includes a host of exciting new features, including baseline data updates, improved MAC-IP functionality, new authentication features, and further dashboard updates.

Current Statseeker customers can upgrade to the latest release free of charge. Send your details using the form, and we'll send you the link to download the software today.


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What's new?

Direct access to baseline data

You can now use your baseline data to project typical network behavior for forecasting and capacity planning or to detect anomalous network behavior

Configurable baselines

Configurable baselines allow you to compare report data to historical baselines to identify anomalous behavior. 

Improved MAC-IP functionality

Statseeker now stores MAC-IP address data for historical tracking of assets on a network. 

New authentication features

New log-in screen and improved user authentication which includes SAML-driven single sign-on.

Dashboard updates

ImageMap panels now include a library of network hardware-related icons. WorldMap panels now support custom map providers.

ImageMap Panel