Upgrade to Statseeker v5.5.3

Statseeker v5.5.3 is now available and includes a host of exciting new features, including a new dashboard image map,  support for IPv6 and improved filtering within reports. 


Current Statseeker customers can upgrade to the latest release free of charge. Send us your details using the form, and we'll send you the link to download the software today. 


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What's new?

Image panel

Upload a static image to your server and overlay nodes that relate to your devices and interfaces.

Multi query support for World Map panel

You can now add multiple queries looking at different health, status, and performance metrics.

Advanced IPv6 support

One Statseeker server can handle your network monitoring needs for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Advanced filtering within reports

Additional filtering options in the report header to allow you to quickly update and drill down to specific data without moving away from the report.

New device support and capabilities

Additional new device types and capabilities are introduced to support different technology areas.