Digital transformation through smart IoT and AIOps

Download Tom Caldwell’s presentation ‘Digital transformation through smart IoT and AIOps’.

In his presentation to fuel retailers attending forecourttech V. ’20, Tom Caldwell, Techniche CTO, identifies five key business challenges that are top of mind for the tech leaders of the industry to solve using AIOps:

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  • Improving the customer experience
  • Customer safety and compliance
  • Being less reactive; the shift to predictive
  • Security and cyber security
  • Recession-proofing businesses


Tom explores how AI and new tech stacks can help fuel retailers evolve their businesses in response to the new normal.

“AIOps is about taking this new Artificial Intelligence and leveraging new off-the-shelf machine learning capabilities to improve our businesses, our customer experience, safety and do some real cool things around automation.”

For the past 12 months Techniche has been busy testing new technologies, including AI, IoT and machine learning, and conducting pilots across a network of fuel retail sites in California. Download the presentation to learn more. 

Download the presentation

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